Man of Steel Toyfair Sneak Peek: Faora Revealed

Earlier this morning, fans got their first official look at one of the Man of Steel toys depicting the female Kryptonian supervillain Faora, set to appear in the film and, reportedly, to have a brutal one-on-one fight with Superman.

Part of the fan-favorite Movie Masters line that will also release figures based on Superman, General Zod and Jor-El, this is the clearest image we've had so far of Faora, although it's widely assumed that was her back we were seeing in what appeared to be a scene of the Fortress of Solitude's destruction during the Man of Steel trailer.

The toys themselves aren't available until June, around the release of the film, which may lead some to speculate whether Man of Steel toys might hold some secrets for the film that Zack Snyder doesn't want out on the Internet just yet (for comparison's sake, Iron Man 3 hits theaters in May, and its action figures are starting already). Some of the toys directed at younger audiences, rather than the collector's market, will reportedly debut soon, though.

Man of Steel will be in theaters June 14.

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