Man Of Steel, Iron Man 3, & The Wolverine Next Trailers

Man of Steel TrailerWith the recent Super Bowl ads for various movies generating buzz, now everyone is wondering when more new movie trailers will be released. The Academy Awards, which air on Sunday, February 24, usually bring a couple new movie trailers.

But for comic book fans, we’ve found a list of release dates for upcoming commercials and trailers, which may or may not be completely accurate. The list is on the site StarkIndustries, and it seems to match up with other reports circulating online.

The next Iron Man 3 TV ad will reportedly drop on March 2, 2013 followed by a full trailer on March 7, 2013. The very first teaser trailer for The Wolverine will be released online on February 12, which has also been reported by other sources. It also makes sense from the perspective that The Wolverine trailer will almost surely be attached to A Good Day To Die Hard, which hits theaters on February 14. Both The Wolverine and A Good Day To Die Hard are from 2oth Century Fox.

Speaking of first trailers, it looks like Kick-Ass 2 will get its first trailer on February 19, and the 300: Rise of and Empire will get a trailer on March 29. As far as the Man of Steel, which famously sat out the Super Bowl, a new trailer will reportedly be released in late April.