Toy Fair Preview: Thor: The Dark World Action Figures

Thor: The Dark World hasn't got action figures hitting the shelves this month like its Marvel Studios stablemate Iron Man 3 does, but that doesn't mean they haven't finalized a number of designs that will pop up at Toy Fair this weekend.

Tomorrow, the show in New York opens but there have been photos leaking out around the Internet, both from on and offsite. Along with official shots of the Pacific Rim and Batman 1966 toys, there have been fan-shot images of a number of toys that are making their way online. Here at, for instance, we debuted a number of photos of the Iron Man 3 Assemblers line from Hasbro.

Well, today Hasbro held an event just down the street from Toy Fair and showed off some of their 2013 products ahead of tomorrow's big reveal. Among the toys on display were a line of Thor: The Dark World figures, featuring a number of Thor and Loki figures and a Dark Elf, as well.

Still no sign of Kurse, although based on what actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje said earlier this week, that might be due to a design that requires some CG work. There's a chance, then, that they don't want to market any images featuring the villain until they've finished with the effects work and are comfortable the look won't change.

Of course, maybe that's what the mysterious, Thor-shaped silhouette is.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, so if they follow the same rough release schedule as Iron Man 3, you can expect to start seeing these toys around June or July.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, who gathered these images from a number of Twitter users.