Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman "Nearing Completion"

During a new interview with SFX in which he primarily discussed his upcoming event miniseries Multiversity, writer Grant Morrison told the magazine that his take on Wonder Woman is "nearing completion."

Having crafted a rich, layered and sometimes bizarre mythology for Batman and one for Superman, rumors have swirled for years that Morrison would take on the Amazing Amazon sooner or later, but little is known about the project and no artist has even been attached.

He told SFX that the story he crafted for Diana came as a result of research he was doing for his 2011 book Supergods, a history of the comics industry and the characters who inhabit it.

"I found a lot of new ways of looking at things because I'd gone back to read material that I'd written off," Morrison told the magazine., "Like Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman is one of the first characters so she comes without a lot of the assumptions that later superheroes come with."

Of course, while it's often difficult for a writer to craft a truly great and enduring Wonder Woman story, it's for a totally different reason than it would be of Superman and Batman. In the case of Superman and Batman, they may not come with built-in assumptions, but their readers do: everyone has their favorite version of the character and every reader believes they've got at least one great Superman or Batman story in their own imagination.

Wonder Woman is a bit harder to nail down, since different iterations of the character throughout time have actually contradicted or discarded one another, whereas in the cases of Superman and Batman they've largely tried to incorporate the decades of confusing and sometimes out-of-character continuity into the tales.