The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Spinoff Series?

Daryl Dixon SpinoffDaryl Dixon, who is played by Norman Reedus, has emerged as one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead. Not only is Daryl Dixon popular among U.S. viewers, but he has developed an International following, as Norman Reedus recently traveled the globe to promote the show.

While many live in fear that Daryl Dixon might be killed off on the show at any moment, could it be that AMC has different plans for the rising star?

Norman Reedus once joked to Access Hollywood about the possibility of a Daryl Dixon spinoff show. Reedus said, “We were talking about having a spinoff and it’s Daryl and Carol living in Central Park, and all the squirrels are going missing so Bloomberg’s putting out announcements that the squirrels are disappearing and we have sort of a [distillery] and tourist come by… and we try to charge them money. We have theme song that goes, ‘Carol is sterile and Daryl is feral/a match made in hell.’ So you never know, maybe that will happen.”

While we doubt the Daryl and Carol spinoff described by Reedus will happen, another type of Daryl Dixon spinoff could be an interesting possibility. Disney is working on spinning off some of the most popular characters from Star Wars into their own solo movies. Why wouldn’t AMC employ a similar strategy with The Walking Dead? Different shows spinning out of popular TV series is a longstanding tradition on television networks.

Daryl Dixon is one of the few characters on The Walking Dead where a spinoff could really work, because his character was created specifically for the TV series, so it would not take away from adapting from the comic book. Would you watch a Daryl Dixon spinoff series? Maybe one where Daryl and Merle break off from Rick’s group at the prison and head out into the woods to try to make it on their own, just two brothers against a zombie-infested world.