Man Of Steel Planned As A Trilogy?

Man of Steel TrilogyWhile director Zack Snyder and the cast of Man of Steel haven’t wanted to talk about a sequel yet, rumors have surfaced online that Warner Bros. envisions Man of Steel as a trilogy. According to a report on Batman On Film, their sources recently shared some feedback on when fans could expect a new Batman movie.

Reportedly, the Superman and Justice League franchise will play a role in how quickly the Batman franchise is rebooted. If Man of Steel proves to be a big hit and Justice League is delayed, then Warner Bros. plans to do two sequels for the Man of Steel. A Man of Steel trilogy would then buy Warner Bros. time as a successful comics franchise, and they wouldn’t have to rush into rebooting the Batman franchise.  Batman On Film’s source even suggests that the Batman reboot might not happen until after the Man of Steel trilogy is done.

Of course, Warner Bros. likely envisioned Green Lantern as a trilogy, before the movie underperformed at the box office. However, Warner Bros. has to be feeling really good about the Man of Steel’s chances at this point. While Man of Steel is very much Zack Snyder’s movie, the connection of Christopher Nolan as a producer will help bring in fans of the Dark Knight trilogy. Plus, the first Man of Steel trailer was met with overwhelmingly positive reaction.