The Walking Dead #107 Review

The Walking Dead #107

The Walking Dead #107 arrives in comic book stores today. Be warned that this review will contain spoilers.

Issue #107 kicks off with a brutal fight scene between Rick Grimes and Negan. Rick doesn’t know if his son Carl is alive, severely injured, or even dead. All Rick knows is that Negan has done something to his son. There is headbutting, punching, kicking, and even biting.

For a one-handed man, Rick shows just how well he can fight when it comes to matters of his son. Negan doesn’t like being shown up in front of his men, but one he gains control of the fight, things take a surprising turn. Negan brings out Carl, and it turns out that Carl is absolutely ok. By returning Carl unharmed, Negan wants to show that he can be reasonable.

The Walking Dead #107 bite

After Rick returns with Carl, Rick tells the rest of his group that since Negan spared his son that he feels like Negan can be trusted. Of course, Rick is just keeping his people in the dark to keep them safe, and he’s still planning to get rid of Negan.

Overall, The Walking Dead #107 is a quick and enjoyable read. The brutal fight scene at the beginning is the core of the issue, and the remainder just feels like setup for future stories. The issue ends with a big tease as Jesus tells Rick that he thinks it’s time to introduce him to Ezekiel, a mysterious new character will appear in The Walking Dead #108.

The Walking Dead Ezekial