The Walking Dead: Kevin Smith Compares Daryl Dixon To Han Solo

Daryl Dixon and Han Solo

On Sunday night, the Talking Dead expanded to a full hour long episode. However, if you’re still wanting more of Chris Harwick’s conversation with Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun, then you’re in luck. Even with the longer format, AMC is still making Talking Dead bonus content available online.

In the Talking Dead bonus content, a viewer asked Comic Book Men’s Kevin Smith which Walking Dead character he would like to have standing next to him if he was really in a zombie apocalypse. After picking Daryl as his choice, Kevin Smith explained, “Daryl is like the Han Solo of the show, man. He’s all attitude. He’s smooth. He’s crisp.”

Smith continued, “And he’s got like…he’s a combination of Han Solo and Chewbacca, because he’s got a crossbow as well. And now that he’s hanging out with Merle, Merle is kind of his Chewbacca, man.” Check out the entire Talking Dead bonus video below.