The Big Bang Theory: Who Proposes?

Penny and Leonard Valentine's Day

For several weeks, there has been a rumor circulating that Leonard might propose to Penny on tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Leonard and Penny have been back together for awhile now, and Leonard proposing to Penny would fit well into a Valentine’s Day episode. In fact, Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, even told the Hollywood Reporter that "there might be somebody getting down on one knee" during the Valentine's Day episode.

However, now rumors are circulating that The Big Bang Theory proposal might not be what viewers are expecting. There are two theories that seem to be gaining steam. One theory is that it will be Penny who proposes to Leonard, after she witnesses one of her ex-boyfriends getting engaged at the restaurant where they are celebrating Valentine's Day.

The other theory is that it won’t be Leonard and Penny getting engaged at all, but instead it will be Sheldon proposing to Amy. In the previews, Sheldon gives Amy a note, which she seems to be very pleased and emotional to receive. Of course, when Amy then hugs Sheldon, he tells her to stop ruining Valentine’s Day and order his pizza.

However, the biggest surprise might be if Raj gets engaged. One plotline on the episode apparently involves Raj throwing a “lonely people” party at the comic book store, where he meets Kate Micucci of Raising Hope. She will be playing a character named Lucy, who will be a love interest for Raj. It 's doubtful they would get engaged at first meeting, but one never knows.