The Walking Dead: Valentines From The TV Show, The Comic

Believe it or not, some of these Valentines contain spoilers for The Walking Dead.

Both AMC and Skybound have pushed websites live today that allow fans of The Walking Dead to view, print and send Valentine's Day cards featuring gruesome images from the TV series and comic books based in the world of Robert Kirkman's red-hot post-apocalyptic drama.

The TV series, appropriately enough, offers a wide variety of video e-cards, some of which are incredibly spoilery, although nothing for the most recent episode.

Fans of the comics, meanwhile, can enjoy cards like the one at right, putting the stark, gruesome black-and-white images against the pink, red and white backgrounds of kids' valentines. There's a number of them, including one with a pretty major spoiler that's old news to comic book readers but may put the TV audience back on their heels a bit.

So...yeah. If you don't have a card yet, and your special someone has a particularly twisted sense of humor, you're covered.