Kevin Smith Wants To Do Clerks 3 As A Book First

Kevin Smith Clerks 3 BookRemember awhile back when director Kevin Smith announced that he planned to do Clerks 3 as his last movie as a director. Well, before Kevin Smith does the movie, it looks like he’s thinking about releasing Clerks 3 as a book first.

In an appearance on What’s Trending, Kevin Smith said, “I think what I’m going to do, I haven’t talked about this yet, so I’ll give it to you. I want to do Clerks 3 as a book first. I want to do it in episodic chapters, so that as I release it people can read the whole thing and see what it would look like. I get to go inside the characters' heads. I get to tell year one origin stories. The first chapter is Dante and Randal meeting in kindergarten and stuff like that.”

Kevin Smith continued, “All the stuff that I can’t do in a movie, because that’s what I want to do. I’m a stoner, so I want to investigate the inner life of every character. And I can’t do that in ninety minutes, when people are like, ‘You make some f****** Star Wars jokes, some d*** jokes, and then move the f*** on.’ So in a book I can get in there and really be artistic with it and have fun with it and stuff. And if I’m doing it in pieces, man, as opposed to just writing one big fat book, I’ll be honest with you, the audience is going to influence it.”

Smith explained, “As I read each chapter, and I know a lot of people will be like, ‘well, that’s ridiculous, it should be your artistic statement,” but my whole thing, my leitmotif, my whole entire career has been about audience interactivity. Without the audience, none of that Clerks stuff, which leaves me sitting here with you, ever happens. So for me to kind of write it episodically and let people read it chapter by chapter, and then pipe in and say ‘oh man, I can’t believe it’s this,' it could actually allow me to change direction.”

As far as why he would want to do it this way, Kevin Smith explained that he’s a new media artist and new media artist involve the audience. Smith added that the film would “be the ultimate expression of what Clerks 3 is meant to be,” but with the book version he thinks it would be fun to be influenced by the audience.