The Walking Dead: Five Secrets Revealed About Home Episode

After "The Suicide King" episode of The Walking Dead, both the Governor's group and Rick's group are in disarray. While the citizens of Woodbury try to flee for safety, the Governor sulks in his apartment. It's left up to Andrea to try to hold things together. Meanwhile, Daryl has left Rick's group to go off in the woods with his brother Merle. If losing Daryl wasn't bad enough, Rick also seems to be losing his mind, as he has visions of his dead wife Lori. What is next for the cast of The Walking Dead? The previews for next week's “Home” episode of The Walking Dead offer up some clues.

5. Daryl Is Missing The Prison - While many viewers found it strange that Daryl would so quickly abandon Rick's group, it appears as if he's having second thoughts about his decision. When Merle accuses Daryl of trying to lure him to the prison, Daryl says, "They've got shelter, food, pot to piss in. It might not be a bad idea."

The Walking Dead Home Rick4. Rick Is Going Somewhere – During the preview that aired at the end of "The Suicide King" episode, Rick appears to leaving to go somewhere, while Hershel tells him, “We need you now more than ever.” With Lori's ghost haunting Rick and the title of the episode being "Home," could it be hinting at Rick returning to his hometown? If Rick does return home, then it would validate rumors that Morgan from season one shows up again.

The Walking Dead Home Glenn3. Glenn Really Wants To Kill The Governor – With Rick going just a little bit crazy, Glenn seems to be taking more of a leadership role in the group. In the preview that aired during Talking Dead, Glenn is worried the Governor and his men will attack, so he wants to hit them first. Glenn tells Michonne that if she knows where his apartment is that the two of them could go put a bullet in the Governor’s head and end this tonight.

The Walking Dead Home The Governor and Andrea

2. The Governor Needs Andrea – When Andrea tells the Governor that she needs to go see her friends, the Governor replies, “We need you.” Later scenes show the Governor telling Milton that he’s not sure where Andrea’s loyalties lie. It looks like Andrea might be heading to the prison to see her former friends and that the Governor won't be forgiving of her leaving in Woodbury's time of need.

The Walking Dead Home Let Him Go1. Daryl Tells Someone To Let Him Go – In one scene, Daryl is heard telling someone, “Let him go.” As the camera pans the arm, we catch a glimpse of part of a face, which we're assuming is Merle. So apparently Daryl and Merle are going to run into either Rick's group, Woodbury residents, or new survivors. The big question is why would Merle pull a gun on whoever they run into and why would Daryl tell him to let them go.

The “Home” episode of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, February 17 at 9 PM ET on AMC.