Talking Dead Guests Are Robert Kirkman And Joe Manganiello

Robert Kirkman Talking Dead

When Walking Dead return last weekend, there was a change made to the Talking Dead. Instead of being a thirty minute show paired with Comic Book Men, Talking Dead has expanded to a full hour show, and Comic Book Men has been moved to Thursday nights.

On tonight’s episode of Talking Dead, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will be the guest connected to the show. In addition, Joe Manganiello will be the celebrity guest on the Talking Dead. Manganiello is best known for playing Alcide Herveaux on True Blood. However, comic book fans will also remember him for playing Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man movies.

Chris Hardwick is the host of the Talking Dead. The Talking Dead airs on Sunday, February 17 at 10 PM ET on AMC.