The Walking Dead: What Are Daryl’s Tattoos?

Daryl Dixon TattoosOn the “Home” episode of The Walking Dead, Merle rips his brother Daryl’s shirt, revealing a bunch of scars and a couple tattoos on Daryl’s back. The big reveal in the scene is the scars, because it suggests that Daryl was an abused child. It sets up a reconciliation between the brothers as Merle realizes after he left home to escape abuse that his father started beating his younger brother.

Of course, many are also probably wondering what if anything the tattoos on Daryl’s back signified. From previous interviews Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, has revealed that his tattoos have nothing to do with The Walking Dead, so there’s no hidden meaning that will play into the show later.

Norman Reedus actually has several tattoos, which include his dad’s name “Norman” on the left side of his chest, a devil on his upper right arm, his son’s name "Mingus" in red on his right forearm, a star on his right hand, a heart on his right wrist and a snake on his left leg. Of course, he also has what appears to be two demons on his back, which are the tattoos Walking Dead viewers saw tonight.

According to Celebrity Tattoo Design, the demons were actually intended to be angels that don't appear too angelic and who could become demons at any moment. Some say angels and demons are the same thing, or they can switch back and forth based on the situation.