The Walking Dead: Michael Rooker Would Marry Catwoman

Michael Rooker, who plays Merle on The Walking Dead, recently sat down with Made Man for a Speakeasy conversation. In a segment entitled drinking games, Michael Rooker was given the names of three different people, and he had to choose to hug one, marry one, and kill one.

When presented the choices of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Lois Lane, Michael Rooker decided to kill Lois Lane, marry Catwoman, and hug Wonder Woman. As to why he picked Catwoman to marry, Rooker said, “A woman with a mask, come on, you know the marriage is really going to be spicy.”

In regards to hugging Wonder Woman, Rooker said, “As long as she takes it easy on me, because she could crush my bones.” We’ve included the two video segments from Made Man below, where Rooker also talks about The Walking Dead, his movies, director James Gunn, Kevin Smith, and his possible future in comedy.