Russell Crowe Talks Man Of Steel On The Tonight Show

Russell Crowe Tonight Show

In an appearance on the Tonight Show, Russell Crowe spoke briefly about the upcoming Man of Steel movie. In regards to Man Of Steel, Russell Crowe said, “It’s a reboot of the franchise with Zack Snyder who did the 300 film. With a young English fellow called Henry Cavill as Superman or Kal-El as I would call him, because he’s my son.”

When Jay Leno questioned if he played Jor-El, Russell Crowe responded, “Yeah, how times have changes. I’m Superman’s dad.” Crowe continued, “Actually, I said to my son, Charlie, you know, I said, ‘I’m going to be Superman’s dad in a movie. So if I’m Superman’s dad, what does that make you?’ And he got really excited, ‘Superman’s brother?’”

Crowe added, “To be able to sort of naturally find out that he at his core and center has that sort of humility is a wonderful moment.”

Then, Jay Leno pointed out that Russell Crowe had his own action figure and showed the Jor-El action figure on the screen. Rusell Crowe laughed, “That’s ridiculous. It’s great. It’s great. Make sure you buy one. Yeah, buy two.”