Man Of Steel Books Reveal Heat Vision And Zod's Armor And Cape

Man of Steel LogoSome new kid’s books for the Man of Steel movie have shown up on Amazon (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page), which reveal a couple mild spoilers for the Man of Steel. While it’s been widely assumed that Superman will have many of his same powers from the comic book, fans have yet to see him use many powers beyond super-strength and flight in the trailers.

However, two of the Man of Steel kids’ books seem to confirm that Superman will have heat vision. Of course, there is always the possibility that the heat vision is just being included in the kid’s book version, and Superman won’t actually use it in the movie.

The Man of Steel kids’ books also provide a pretty detailed look at General Zod’s armor, but it’s nothing that wasn’t already revealed in some of the more detailed action figures at Toy Fair. One of the sticker books also shows General Zod wearing his cape, which must be something that he only wears occasionally or that gets ripped off him early as it’s not always shown.

As far as plot elements, the Man of Steel kids' books seem to confirm that that planet Krypton blows up. Of course, Krypton blew up in the comic books as well, so it's not a surprise, but there had been some speculation that Zack Snyder might have changed the fate of Krypton, where it was just a war-ravaged world and did not actually explode. There is also a book called "Superman Saves Smallville," which confirms earlier spoilers revealed in some of the toys that Zod and Faora attack Smallville.

The Man of Steel is scheduled to open in movie theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.

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