The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct First Review – Intense, Scary, & Insane

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct ReviewThe Walking Dead: Survival Instinct videogame isn’t due out until March 19, but we already have the first review of the game. How is that? Well, it comes courtesy of Norman Reedus’ son. In an interview with The Walker Stalkers, Norman Reedus revealed that he got an early copy of the game, which he previously verified by posting a photo to Instagram.

Norman Reedus has a thirteen year old son named Mingus, who became the lucky recipient of the game. Here’s how Reedus described what his son thought of the game.

Norman Reedus said, “We got the first copy of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct video game, and so he was the first civilian to play the game. And the game, it’s insane. He’s good at games to. The game’s hard, and it’s really scary actually for a video game. He was playing it, and he was like ‘Turn on the lights!’”

Reedus added, “It’s an intense game. It’s really good. But he was you know playing that, and it was kind of fun watching him play me, and you know hear my voice like ‘Get down! Merle, Merle, where are you?’ It was pretty intense.”

Ok, since Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon is actually featured in the game, Reedus and his son might be somewhat biased. But it’s definitely an encouraging sign that his son is into video games and really liked it.