The Walking Dead: What Will Happen With Daryl?

Walking Dead This Sorrowful Life Daryl

The “This Sorrowful Life” episode of The Walking Dead proved to be the most powerful episode of The Walking Dead since “The Killer Within.” In “The Killer Within,” Andrew Lincoln showed his acting chops, as he collapsed into a squealing, weeping mess after learning of the death of his wife Lori.

Tonight, Norman Reedus had his tragic moment. Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon encountered the worst nightmare of anyone on The Walking Dead. He encountered his brother Merle after Merle had turned into a walker. Daryl’s choice was he either had to kill his family member or risk being infected or eaten himself.

At first, Daryl just tries to push Merle away, perhaps harboring some belief that his brother will recognize him and stop attacking. However, as Merle continues to attack, Daryl is left with no choice but to put an end to Merle’s zombie existence. As the screen fades to black, the last scene we see is of a weeping Daryl. Even though Michonne said no one would mourn Merle, it definitely seems like Daryl is very affected by his brother’s death.

The big question now is what is to become of Daryl. Will he take off after The Governor by his lonesome in order to exact his vengeance? If he does chase The Governor in a fit of anger, will it be certain death for Daryl as he faces The Governor’s army alone?

Or will Daryl return to the prison to seek comfort from his friends? Will he blame Rick for giving Merle the direction to turn over Michonne to begin with? Will Daryl start having visions of Merle just like Rick had of Lori? If so, we at least hope Merle's not in a white wedding dress.