Comic Book Men Recap: Comic Charades

Comic Book Men Comic Charades

On the “Comic Charades” episode of Comic Book Men, a guy brings in a Megatron G-1 Reissue toy to sell, which looks like a gun. The seller explains that the toy can’t be sold in toy stores, because there’s a law that stores can’t sell a toy gun that looks like a real gun. The seller wants $250 for the toy, but Walt only offers $100 for it. Walt raises his offer to $120, but the seller decides to hold onto it.

An art dealer named Anthony Snyder tells the Secret Stash guys that the one art piece he’s always hunting for is the Avengers #4 cover, which introduces Captain America. Walt says the piece he would want is Amazing Fantasy #15. As they are talking, a guy comes in with a George Perez sketch of The Sub-Mariner to sell. Anthony appraises the piece at $250 on a retail level. After some negotiation with the seller, Walt agrees to buy the piece for $175.

Bryan asks the other guys about which superheroes are overrated, and Mike suggest the Fantastic Four. Walt disagrees and argues there would be no Marvel Universe without the Fantastic Four. A customer comes in looking for the first appearance of Batgirl, which is Detective Comics #359. Walt says they are asking $375 for the comic. After some negotiation, the customer agrees to buy the comic for $340.

Walt suggests that they play a game of comic charades. Ming is up first and hold his hand over his eyes, and Walt almost instantly correctly guesses Daredevil. Walt is up next and indicates silence followed by someone shooting. After a couple tries, Mike correctly guesses Secret Wars. Mike does World’s Finest next, followed by Bryan who does Godzilla.

A guy the goes by the name Monster Bill brings in with a Bride of Frankenstein Aurora model kit to sell. Monster Bill wants $1,500 for the model kit. Walt says that seems a little high, and Monster Bill says he has his monster van outside with some other stuff to sell. Walt finds a Monsters Frightening 4-Pack of model kits that he’s interested in. Monster Bill wants $250 for the 4-Pack, but Walt offers $150. After some negotiation, Monster Bill agrees to sell the 4-Pack for $175.