Family Guy's Seth Green is Channelling The Silence of the Lambs

Family Guy's Chris Griffin has a strange and unique voice, making Seth Green's long-running gig one of the most immediately recognizable sounds on TV.

So...what inspired it?

Would you believe a serial killer?

"Not a real serial killer, but Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs," Green clarified on Conan last night. "Ted Levine played this brilliant role and had a whole demeanor--and a friend and I--we just sort of spent an afternoon imagining how hard it would have been for Jamie Gum, the character, to get jobs anywhere because of that persona....And then I read that script and I had that audition and my friend dared me--he said 'you should just do the Buffalo Bill thing.' I was like, 'Ah, that's never going to work.' So I did a couple of different voices and then I said, 'My friend dared me to do this,' and I did that and I got that job."

You can check out the interview below, as well as his talk with Conan O'Brien about Aquaman, and his "pathetic reality," and why Superman has made Conan "a very bitter, bitter man."