Iron Man 3 Ends In A Really Unexpected Way

Iron Man 3 Gwyneth Paltrow PosterIn a new interview on, Gwyneth Paltrow shares some spoilers in regards to her character Pepper Potts, and she also drops a really big tease about the Iron Man 3 ending.

While it's already been revealed the Pepper Potts gets a turn in the Iron Man armor, Gwyneth Paltrow added, "I didn’t mind wearing the suit at all. I thought it was light and perfectly comfortable and my children thought I was extremely cool."

As far as Pepper Potts relationship with Aldrich Killian, it turns out that Aldrich asked Pepper out a long time ago, and she turned him down. Gwyneth Paltrow explained, "It turns out to be a very complex layer of the plot--this sort of unrequited thing that he had for Pepper--and it motivates him to do some very scary things."

Comparing Iron Man 3 to the original Iron Man movie, Gwyneth Paltrow said, "I’m really curious to see this film because I feel that where it begins and where it ends is kind of brave and different and really interesting. And I think we’ve set ourselves up well for that. At the end of the first movie Tony Stark says, 'I am Iron Man,' which is an unexpected thing. Normally, it’s left in the dark. The movies always end in an unexpected way, and I think this movie ends in a really unexpected way, and there’s real heart to it. It’s about discovering yourself and what’s really important. And of course it’s done with all the fireworks and action and excitement, but there’s really heart underneath it."

So what could be the really unexpected ending for Iron Man 3? The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow says their is heart to the ending, it suggests that maybe something happens involving Tony Stark and Pepper Potts' relationship. Could Tony Stark propose to Pepper Potts at the end of Iron Man 3? Or could Tony Stark and Pepper Potts break up at the end of Iron Man 3? Our personal theory is that the really unexpected ending is that Tony Stark leaves the earth to join the Guardians of Galaxy in space, so the heartfelt part could be Tony Stark saying goodbye to Pepper Potts.