Man Of Steel: Superman Symbol Is Not An "S"

Man of Steel Not An SLast month, reported that fans should expect to start seeing some more Man Of Steel footage and trailers around mid-April. Now, Caped Wonder has reported that one of their Warner Bros. contacts has revealed that they just watched a new three minute trailer for the Man of Steel.

Caped Wonder is a website the celebrates the legacy of Christopher Reeve, and they are known for being reliable and straightforward. Caped Wonder's Warner Bros. contact is quoted as saying, "I saw the trailer projected in one of the big rooms with full 5.1 sound. The music was great, but may be specific to the trailer, I don’t know. It teases more of his childhood and his trying to hide from mankind, taking different jobs, etc. Also some General Zod shots. I’m sure you’ll see it soon."

While not quoted, the Warner Bros. contact also apparently really liked Henry Cavill in the Superman role. No other information is revealed, except for a rather interesting quote from the trailer. Here's the quote, "It's not an 'S'. Where I’m from it’s a symbol of hope."

Many have wondered why General Zod is not wearing a "Z" on his chest, but something that looks more like an Omega symbol. Taken in context of the revelation that Superman's "S" is not really an "S," then Zod's symbol starts to make more sense. Maybe, Superman even gets named Superman because the people of Earth mistake the Kryptonian symbol on his costume for an "S".

In the original Superman stories, the "S" was meant to stand for Superman, but there have been other interpretations through the years, such as the '78 Superman movie where it was a coat of arms for House of El and the 2004 Superman: Birthright comic series where it was a Kryptonian symbol of hope. Of course, the Birthright series would have been wiped out by the New 52 reboot, which was said to return Superman to his original roots. It's interesting that the Man of Steel movie seems to be drawing from the Birthright series.

The Man of Steel is set to open in movie theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.