The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Talks Punisher

Norman Reedus as The PunisherThe Walking Dead might be on break currently, but there's good news for Norman Reedus fans, who can't wait to see more of the actor's work. As previously reported on, Norman Reedus voiced The Punisher for theĀ  full-length anime movie Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, which was released on DVD earlier this week. While Reedus has done previous voice over work in video games, Iron Man: Rise of Technovore was his first work on an animated movie.

In an interview with Marvel, Norman Reedus talked about why he took the role and how he approached voicing The Punisher. His answer is actually similar to what a lot of actors, who also are parents, have said about appearing in comic book movies. Norman Reedus said, "I have a 13-year old son and thought it would be fun. [Punisher] was always [one of my favorites] of the comic book dudes. He seems darker, and has more attitude and mystery. I thought I could add a little something to it [since] I've seen comic books with the Punisher in them before so I kind of knew what he was about."

Even though Norman Reedus has played some of the most badass characters around, he maintains he's not like that in real life. Norman Reedus explained, "I'm kind of a wimp. I'm not nearly like the Punisher, Daryl or Murphy...but it's fun to put that character on and play with it. You can see the guy brooding and he's got this whole dark thing about him."

As Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon has exploded in popularity on The Walking Dead, it's hard not to hear the actor's voice and think of Daryl Dixon. This possibility is something Reedus was mindful of when voicing The Punisher. Reedus said, "It's funny...when we started [recording], I kept doing [Punisher's voice] with a Southern accent because I was doing the Daryl thing at the same time. I tried not to make him sound too much like Daryl."

Having seen the Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, we can attest that Norman Reedus totally nails the part of The Punisher with a tough, gruff voice. Fans will definitely be able to tell it's Norman Reedus' voice, but he's able to differentiate it from his Daryl character on Walking Dead. For his first work on an animated feature, Reedus hits it out of the park. We actually think Marvel should do a full-length animated feature with Reedus as The Punisher.