Dial H, Demon Knights, Threshold Cancelled in August

Dial-H-15DC Entertainment announced via their solicitations today that, in addition to the end of Legion of Super-Heroes in August, the publisher will also draw Demon Knights, Threshold and Dial H to a close that month.

Even writer Robert Venditti's increased profile at DC (he's writing Green Lantern starting next month) couldn't help Demon Knights which, along with Legion, represent two of the original New 52 titles being cancelled.

Fantastic reviews and strong bookstore sales were working in favor of Chine Mieville's Dial H, but when the series' second hardcover was recently announced, it was packed with more issues than usual, leading many to expect the series' cancellation.

THRESH_Cv8Threshold, meanwhile, was a comparably new title, being cancelled with its eighth issue. The series, by writer Keith Giffen, has always seemed a bit vulnerable due to its lack of a recognizable lead or even title (Dial H, for instance, has a familiar title and concept even if the characters are not).

Larfleeze, the most recognizable character in the series' first few issues, left the book for his own solo ongoing title, written by Giffen and his frequent collaborator J.M. DeMatteis.

Whereas Legion of Super-Heroes features solicitation text that sounds as though they're gearing up for the next step in the series' evolution, these titles all sound fairly "final" in their final issue solicitations, which you can read below. THRESHOLD #8 Written by KEITH GIFFEN Art by TOM RANEY and PHIL WINSLADE Backup story art by TIMOTHY GREEN II and JOSEPH SILVER Cover by HOWARD PORTER The game is over for the Hunted! Who lives and who dies is sure to set the universe ablaze. Plus, a major villain emerges from the shadows!

demon-knights-23DIAL H #15 Written by CHINA MIEVILLE Art by ALBERTO PONTICELLI and DAN GREEN Cover by BRIAN BOLLAND This extra-sized conclusion to the epic DIAL H series has all the answers you’ve been looking for, and more questions you didn’t even think to ask! Stay on the line! The entire universe is at stake!

DEMON KNIGHTS #23 Written by ROBERT VENDITTI Art by CHAD HARDIN and WAYNE FAUCHER Cover by HOWARD PORTER The Knights are running out of options as they try to protect the Holy Grail! Plus, the fate of the Black Diamond is revealed!