Star Wars Episode VII Easter Egg Revealed On Conan O'Brien Show

JJ Abrams & Conan O'BrienEven though Star Wars Episode VII hasn’t even started filming yet, the first Easter Egg for the film has been revealed. In an appearance on CONAN, director J.J. Abrams agreed to feature a Conan O’Brien Easter Egg in Star Wars.

J.J. Abrams told Conan O’Brien that he had an in-joke thing with the people he worked with to include Easter Eggs in movies. For example, he included R2D2 in the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. He also has included a beverage he created called “Slusho” in all his movies.

Conan O’Brien said, “Years ago when I worked for The Simpsons, I put Jub Jub into a Simpsons’ episode. And so I know that if I ask you, because we’re very close, I think you’re closer to me than anyone in the world, I know that if I ask you, you’ll put Jub Jub into a Star Wars movie. I know you’ll get it in somehow.”

J.J. Abrams interrupted, “Done.” He even shook Conan O’Brien’s hand to seal the deal. Conan O’Brien added, “What’s going to happen is people are going to see that. You’re a nice guy, you’re going to say ‘Yes,’ and then the Star Wars movies will make no sense.” J.J. Abrams confirmed, “If and when I’m directing Star Wars, Jub Jub will somehow find its way in.”