Veronica Mars Movie Adds Two More To Cast

SamHuntingtonAmandaNoretThe film adaptation of Veronica Mars, which director Rob Thomas says is "getting more real every day," added two more stars to its returning cast today, slotting in Amanda Noret, returning as Madison Sinclair, and Sam Huntington, returning as Luke Haldeman.

Each of the two wrote a note to fans and Kickstarter backers expressing their excitement to return to the series.

"After being a stay-at-home mom for the last four years (shout out to the other mamas out there!!!), I’m SO excited for the chance to be Madison again," wrote Noret. "I love my kids more than anything, but now that I’ve been a mom, there’s something even MORE exciting about getting to play Madison, who is just so super-focused only on herself. (Plus, you just KNOW she’s been waiting for this reunion, right?)"

For his part, Huntington added, "I can honestly say that Veronica Mars changed my life. Not only did I make friends that have become some of my dearest, but it helped me discover my true passion: drug running. Yup. Just running steroids to and from Mexico. So there's that. In all seriousness, I'm flattered and humbled to have been asked to reprise my role as 'Luke' in the Veronica Mars movie. Not only is it going to be amazing to work and reconnect with such talented and beautiful friends, but it's beyond exciting to be a part of such a revolutionary filmmaking experiment."