Veronica Mars Movie Hands Computer Control Over to Mac

Tina MajorinoIn a move that will excite fans more than most of the rest of his casting announcements so far, Veronica Mars director Rob Thomas has just announced that Tina Majorino will reprise her role of Mac in the feature film version of the cult-hit CW drama.

He also shared with fans a fun little story about the first encounter he had with the Napoleon Dynamite and Bones actress:

Back in 1996, I received an email from a 11-year-old asking me questions about my first novel, RATS SAW GOD, that had come out that year. The girl was doing a book report, and she'd gone the extra mile by tracking me down. One of her questions was, "What do you want to do next?" I replied that I was hoping to transition into the TV and film business. She responded that she'd done some film work herself.

A girl with big dreams of being an actress! How sweet! I thought to myself. I should say something encouraging!

I figured she'd been an extra in a friend's short film, or something along those lines, I wrote back asking her, politely I hoped, what movies she'd been in.

"Waterworld," she wrote. "Corrina Corrina. When a Man Loves a Woman."

She was very sweet, though. She told me I should keep chasing my dreams.