'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

Kevin Smith Loves Man of Steel, Plans Fat Man on Superman Podcast

Kevin Smith Comic Book MenLike Mark Waid and Chris Haley before him, Kevin Smith is a guy whose connection to comics and comics fandom runs so deep that people really care about his opinions of Man of Steel in a way that's probably not entirely rational.

(In fairness, he did once write a script for a Superman movie, so it's not as though he's got no expertise.)

Smith, too, goes a bit irrational, telling fans on Twitter that "you'll wish Russell Crowe was YOUR dad."

But Smith loved the film, praising it on the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ earlier today, and that's going to be good news for his fiercely dedicated fan base. He also announced via Twitter that next week, his Fat Man on Batman podcast will go Man of Steel-centric, when he's Fat Man on Superman for a week with guest Ralph Garman. That podcast should be released on July 19--new comic book Wednesday.

Fans who missed the Kevin & Bean appearance can catch it later today on their podcast.