Proof Of Christopher Reeve Cameo In Man Of Steel?

Man Of Steel Henry Cavill Christopher ReeveEarlier this month, was first to report on rumors about a Christopher Reeve Easter Egg in Man Of Steel. A number of our readers had pointed out a scene in Man Of Steel where Henry Cavill is flying up into Zod’s gravity beam. For a split second during that scene, it almost appears as if Henry Cavill’s face morphs into Christopher Reeve’s face. Was it just a trick of the lighting or was Christopher Reeve’s face added through CGI onto Henry Cavill’s body?

Well, one thing supporting the theory was an early rumor that a classic Superman movie actor was going to have a cameo in Man Of Steel. However, as reported, the rumored classic Superman movie actor cameo was not Christopher Reeve, but it was actually confirmed to be Aaron Smolinski, who played a baby Clark Kent in the 1978 Superman.

So the revelation of who the classic Superman movie actor cameo was should have killed the Christopher Reeve conspiracy theory, right? Well, the Christopher Reeve face on Henry Cavill’s body theory has become somewhat of an Internet meme. In fact, footage of the exact scene in question has been uploaded to the Internet as proof, and it still doesn’t solve the mystery.

Looking at footage, it really does appear as if it’s not just an effect of the lighting, but it appears as if an entirely different face is morphed into the scene for just a brief second. The face does appear to be that of Christopher Reeve, but it’s really hard to say for certain, since Henry Cavill does look somewhat like Christopher Reeve. With the Internet meme gaining steam, it’s only a matter of time before someone poses the question to director Zack Snyder and fans get a definite answer on if Christopher Reeve had a Man Of Steel cameo. For now check out the videos below, are they proof of a Christopher Reeve cameo in Man Of Steel?

Christopher Reeve Cameo In Man Of Steel