Pacific Rim Has Now Made More In China Than The U.S. 0

Pacific Rim Box OfficeThis has got to be a first in box office history for a big budget U.S. film. Pacific Rim has now officially made more money in China than it has in the United States. During a little over five weeks of release in the U.S., Pacific Rim has made $98.4 million at the domestic box office.

However, through its third weekend of release in China, Pacific Rim has made more than $100 million. For Warner Bros., Pacific Rim is their highest grossing movie ever in China. To put things in perspective, Pacific Rim has made more than The Avengers did in China.

However, Pacific Rim is not the highest grossing U.S. film ever or even of the year in China. Iron Man 3 is the highest grossing U.S. film in China for 2013, taking in $120 million so far. Transformers 3 is the highest grossing U.S. film ever in China, having taken in $172 million in 2011.

Evidently one of the secrets of success in China is either giant robots or men in robotic armor. While many predicted that Pacific Rim was unlikely to get a sequel after its somewhat disappointing U.S. debut, the films success in China has likely guaranteed that a sequel will be made.

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