Captain America: The Winter Soldier Costume Was Based On Super Soldier Comic Book Look

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier

Speaking to SFX Magazine, directors Joe and Anthony Russo discussed Steve Rogers’ new look for his new film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Turns out that the “stealth suit” that Captain American dons in The Winter Soldier is based on the costume worn by Steve Rogers in the comic book series Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier.

Joe Russo said:

“It was about a real world grounding approach to the character, in the spirit of Ed Brubaker’s book, which is postmodern and deconstructionist and a grounded thriller. We wanted to put Cap in a space where he’s a special forces operative for SHIELD who goes on missions around the world that are clandestine and sometimes require a certain level of anonymity or stealth. We wanted to use his Super Soldier outfit from the comic books as a way to represent, thematically, his place in the world of SHIELD and the difference between working for SHIELD and being Captain America. That’s something that gets explored on a very concrete level in terms of what outfits are used in the film. We didn’t feel like we were messing with the icon. People can say that they’re fans of the books if they’re only loyal to the ‘60s and ‘70s version of the character – well, then you’re a fan of that version of the character, but if you’ve been reading the books till the current runs then this is a journey that the character goes on and it’s a pretty explicit journey. We just felt like we were being faithful to the more recent issues of the books. The movie has a very thematic component in terms of the use of costumes. When you come to see the film I think you’ll understand why we made the choice we made…”
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier was written by Ed Brubaker, who also wrote the Captain America series that introduced The Winter Soldier. Rogers wore the outfit when he returned to the present day after being lost in time and thought dead, leaving someone else to take up the role of Captain America. Having Cap act as a stealth operative for S.H.I.E.L.D. actually places him in the same role he was in during the beginning of Brubaker’s series, so Captain America: The Winter Soldier seems to be drawing heavily from his interpretation of the character.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014.