Mod Turns NBA2K Into Justice League Vs. The Avengers

NBA2K Avengers vs. Justice League

It’s been almost ten years since the Avengers and the Justice League last crossed paths in the pages of the JLA/Avengers intercompany crossover event. Now, thanks to a video game mod, the two teams can face off again, but this time it’s on the court.

The “Avengers vs. Justice League” mod for the PC version of NBA2K adds both iconic groups to the game as playable team with complete rosters.

The Justice League’s starting lineup has Batman and Superman as guards, the Flash and Green Lantern as forwards, and Cyborg as center. The Avengers have Thor and Captain America as guards, Spider-Man and Iron Man as forwards, and the Hulk as Center.

You can install the mod now and play in a basketball battle even better than Space Jam. Or, just check out the video below to see what I looks like in action.

NBA2K Avengers Starting Lineup

NBA2K Justice League starting lineup

NBA2K Avengers vs. Justice League complete lineup