Andrew Garfield & Marc Webb Want Spider-Man & Avengers Crossover

Spider-Man and the Avengers

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb would both like to see Spider-Man share a screen with the Avengers.

“I would love that,” said Garfield to Yahoo, “I know that the fans would love that, the fans of the Marvel universe… the more the merrier, the bigger the better.”

“I would love that, as a fan, I think that would be great,” Web said, “I don’t know how that would happen, but I certainly would be supportive of it.”

Fans know that Spider-Man has been a regular member of the Avengers in comics for about 8 years, but Peter Parker remains absent from the Avengers movie franchise due to film rights issues. Disney holds the rights to the Avengers, while Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man.

Webb implied that, at some point, there was a legitimate attempt to make a crossover happen, but that those hopes were dashed.

“There’s efforts that were made [to make a crossover cameo happen],” said Webb, “but obviously nothing came to fruition.”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes to theaters May 2, 2014.