Batman vs. Superman Costume Designer Talk Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

Henry Cavill as Superman

While attending an event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Michael Wilkinson, costume designer on Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, spoke a bit to Henry Cavill News about designing costumes for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Wilkinson was asked why they decided to tweak Henry Cavill’s Superman costume from Man of Steel for Batman vs. Superman. Wilkinson said it’s a matter of trying to constantly improve:

Every project I do I like to improve on what’s been done before and push the envelope a little bit. With this new film there’s’ an opportunity there to make it even better and suit our cinematic universe even better.
He also said that the redesigned costume has already been camera tested with Henry Cavill, and implied that it is close to being finalized.
We’ve had a few fittings with him…We’re due to see him in a couple of weeks, and then final camera tests and then we’re going to start shooting.
When asked about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costumes, Wilkinson hinted that we could probably expect to see the costume before the film’s release.
We’re very excited about our Wonder Woman. I think Warner Bros. has plans to release the photo before the movie is released. I’m not sure about the date there, but hold your breath.
He also gave a similar hint for Ben Affleck’s new Batman costume.
Same with Batman. They’ll release it before the movie comes out. I don’t know the date, but standby.
Wilkinson also gave a time frame for how long the film would be shooting in Detroit, saying:
We’re headed to Detroit, I’ll be there from mid-April right until December, and so, fortunately we’ll probably be there during the most beautiful months of the year, so I’m pretty happy about that.
That's a pretty long shoot...enough to film two movies back-to-back maybe?

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.