"Jesus" was introduced in 2011. He was only revealed to be gay in 2014, which is long after Kirkman has been bashed by social justice warriors over female characters, gay characters, and whatever else. There was no hint at all that "Jesus" was gay, and it raises questions about whether or not he was always meant to be gay, or if this is just pandering.

Kirkman gives the game away when he says that "a character's sexuality shouldn't matter," that people "are WRONG to take any offense to any character's sexuality," and that a gay character "shouldn't even register."

Kirkman knew that some people would disagree with his choice, and he says he did it to push the idea that it "shouldn't matter." He claims it was not a jab at Christians, but he also knows that Christianity, along with other major religions, disapprove of homosexuality. He made "Jesus" into perhaps the toughest and nicest character, compared him to Jesus both in appearance and deed, and then made him gay with the stated purpose of pushing the ideology of normalizing homosexuality to those that disagree with it.

If the character had been gay from the beginning, people could have dealt with it accordingly. Instead, it seems he "revealed" that a very popular character was gay just to push the idea that it "shouldn't matter." A lot of people simply do not like that sort of preachy crap even if they do not necessarily disagree with the ideology of the one preaching.

According to the pro-LGBT Williams Institute, gays and lesbians are only 1.7% of the US population while bisexuals are 1.8%. Neither needs to be "normalized" because they are quite literally not the norm. Tolerance means that they should be tolerated, and they are by and large. LGBT characters are overly represented in primetime television as a percentage of characters according to GLAAD's own numbers, there are no anti-sodomy laws, they are not barred from living their lives, and so on.

We do not need comics trying to preach at people about why they should treat LGB orientations as equally likely possibilities as heterosexuality. They simply are not. More than 90% of people are straight, and it is only natural for people to generically assume others are straight as well. It is also natural for some people to take issue with something so at odds with their own lives.

If Jesus was gay from the start, who cares? It seems, however, that Jesus was not gay from the start and that he was only "revealed" to be so as to use a very popular character as a vehicle for pushing ideology.

Also, we cannot overlook that Kirkman stirred up a bunch of crap by letting it hang out there that Daryl Dixon could be revealed to be gay. There was a lot of backlash over that, and he backed down (the show has a lot more viewers than the comics have readers). He clearly has an agenda when he was at least hinting that he was going to use the two most badass/most popular characters to show that being gay "shouldn't matter." It strains belief to think that it was a coincidence that Kirkman intended 2014 to be the year of "Surprise! The badasses love manasses!"

I do not read/watch such things to be lectured about the way the creator thinks I should act, think, or speak. I come for the zombies and craziness, not Kirkman's efforts to "normalize" a tiny minority's behaviors.