The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Says Norman Reedus’ Character Daryl Dixon Is His Favorite Element Of The Show

The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman The Writer's Room

On Friday, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will be appearing on The Writer’s Room on Sundance TV. In a preview clip for the episode, Kirkman revealed what his favorite element of The Walking Dead TV show is, which also happens to be the favorite element of a lot of viewers.

“Daryl Dixon is my favorite element of the television show,” said Kirkman. “And when we saw Norman Reedus, all of the producers kind of got together, and we were like, ‘We love this guy. We’ve got to get him in the show somehow.' And so suddenly, Merle had a brother named Daryl.”

When it’s pointed out that Reedus is the one actor that doesn’t know whether his character dies or not, Kirkman agreed.

"True, and he’s always very nervous about that every time he sees me. ‘So, how am I doing in Season 5? Am I doing ok?,’” said Kirkman.

Of course, with The Walking Dead TV series often taking a different path than the comic book series, it really could be said that no one knows if their character lives or dies, so everyone should have a reason to be nervous.