Sebastian Stan Ready To Take Over Captain America’s Shield

Sebastian Stan Captain America

At the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend, Sebastian Stan was asked if he would like to take over Captain America’s shield one day, and he did not hesitate to let his intentions be known.

“Yes,” said Stan. “Yeah, I’ll do it right now. Look, it’s not up to me. I’m just showing up when they’re calling me. I means that’s it. But I wouldn’t mind a little Black Widow/Winter Soldier story happening.”

Captain America 3 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 6, 2016.

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    • Bekss
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    There's no way Marvel won't use Evans for Avengers 3 (the end of the trilogy with characters each one with a trilogy, all in a decade). 

    After that maybe. It would be cool to see Bucky take the shield after Steve's retirement/death.

    • RAYZA
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    I would kill to see this costume on screen 

  1. I heard that Evans is signed on till Cap 3, but that could be wrong for all we know. Stan has and 11 movie deal with Marvel, and he's only done two movies so far. Clearly they have something bigger in store for him. As for his want to have a Winter Soldier/Black Widow storyline, I know it happens in the comics, and as much as I love his character, I don't want to see this storyline happen. With the Avengers, they arleady gave us a hint into a Black Widow/Hawkeye relationship, which is also in the comics. Not to metnion Natasha wearing an arrow necklace in Cap 2. One romantic relationship at a time Marvel.

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