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When Marvel Comics announced that the current Thor in the comic books was going to be replaced by a woman, one could probably have predicted that it would only be a matter of time before people begin speculating over what this meant for the Thor movies. And according to well-known Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, it appears to be a very real possibility that Marvel Studios might go with a new female lead in upcoming Thor and Avengers movies.

While Chris Hemsworth is currently filming Avengers: Age of Ultron, Finke reports that she heard that Hemsworth wasn’t anxious to go through the dieting and training regime necessary to return for Thor 3 or The Avengers 3. If true, Hemsworth wouldn’t be the first Avenger to reportedly be having second thoughts because of the rigors of training for a superhero role, as similar rumors have revolved around Chris Evans from time to time.

In addition to Hemsworth’s hesitancy, Finke is also reporting that it’s doubtful that Marvel will want to cough up the big bucks to keep him in the starring role as Thor. Finke suggests that by rebooting the series with a leading woman instead of a leading man, Marvel Studios can not only avoid the cost of Hemsworth, but they can also capitalize on the recent popularity of women’s movies and women action heroes at the box office. Finke says that the first two Thor films were marketed toward women anyway.

So, could Marvel Studios be planning to replace Hemsworth as Thor? While anything is a possibility, Hemsworth does have two more movies remaining on his contract after Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since Marvel Studios already has Hemsworth locked in for Thor 3 and Avengers 3 unless he balks on his contract, we suspect any change probably wouldn’t come until Thor 4 or Avengers 4.

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  1. RussBurlingame

    Nope. I call bull**** on this one.

  2. JamieLovett

    RussBurlingame said ... (original post)

    Nope. I call bull**** on this one.


  3. aKimmbo

    Way to jump the shark on this! We don't even know who the new female Thor is. I agree this is nothing but a hot air.

  4. Stevie

    It won't even be the case in the comics in 12 months. 

  5. DSniner

    Even if this crazy rumor were true,which it obviously isn't,women love to go see Thor because of Chris Hemsworth,I really doubt that Marvel Sudios will put a woman in the role and lose part of their box office growth and besides,there's been a lot of stong female action movies aimed at attracting women to the movies but completely failed at the box office......Catwoman,Aeon Flux,Elektra,Haywire,Colombiana,Ultraviolet,etc.

    Yeah,this is definitely a bull**** rumor!

  6. patmorais

    You're out of your mind to think this is true. The final Avengers movie will be out in what? 2018? If you really think we'll till have this female Thor 4 years from now, you've obviously never read comics before.

  7. OdinsEye

    Chris Hemsworth is one of the few that wishes to continue his role as Thor as has been reported elsewhere.  A female Thor in the comics is a short story arc as the 'real' Thor is going anywhere.  He still part of the comic only sans Mjolnir.

    In addition, a female Thor in the movies, replacing a character that has been involved with three very successful movies, would spell doom for the franchise.  If Marvel is smart, and they have done fairly well in the movies, though they could have been better, they are not going to mess with what thus far is $1,000,000,000.00 franchise, over $2,500,000,000.00 if you take into account The Avengers.

    Marvel's comicbook experiment is not going to affect the movies.  And unless current Thor fans stay with the book, it may prove to be a bit of a disaster.

  8. Qeistalan

    I wonder if Jane Foster will be as open-minded in her personal relationships as she is with scientific research? 

    When Thor gets blasted by Ultron's Gender-Bender Ray, we'll see how hot Jane is for The Thunder God(dess) when Thor wears a kilt (skirt) and wants to share make-up and hair products!

  9. MickeyMZP

    Not sure where you heard that he wanted to stay. He's been pretty vocal about hating the workout/diet to get in Thor condition, and was looking forward to not going thru that anymore. 

    Like it or not, Marvel is gonna lose all three male leads in the new couple of years. To be replaced by Rocket Raccoon, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and maybe Submariner.

  10. JusticeLUD

    Female Thor. ...¿is Valkirie?

  11. DrApplebox

    RussBurlingame said ... (original post)

    Nope. I call bull**** on this one.

    Wow, Russ, I actually agree with you! There really are such things as miracles!

  12. ThorsThunderPrincess

    yes i and will be really really said if the get rid of him in these moves he is the reason why i watched the advengers in the first place along with caption america lol but still this wouldn't be right and will cause them to lose a lot of fans if they do the change now wait until is contract is up at least thats what i would do

  13. OdinsEye

    The following is from a 'chat' that took place in October 2013:

    October 19, 2013 at 9:10 AM

    Chris Hemsworth:  I have another three that I'm contracted for but if they continue to work and people want to see more, i'd be happy to continue on. I love playing this character and being a part of the Marvel world.

  14. Thrand

    A Poll for every oneLike if you agree Thor should not be changedDislike if you think a mystery Woman should take his Name, Identity and title.This is on YoutubePoll: Marvel's Thor to be a Woman or Remain Himself

  15. Thrand

    We need more opinions and people in the pollA poll for Thor being Woman or Staying HimselfLike if Thor Should stay Thor Dislike if Marvel should continue