Enter to Win 'Avengers: Infinity War' Tickets for an Early Screening


Enter to Win 'Avengers: Infinity War' Tickets for an Early Screening

If Fox Wants Fans To Shut-up About Marvel Getting Their Licenses Back, They Should Make The Deadpool Movie Now

Twentieth Century Fox has to be frustrated. When early images of Quicksilver from X-men: Days of Future Past were released, fans on the Internet screamed that the studio should give the X-Men license back to Marvel. The feeling was that Marvel Studios was the only film company that could possibly do Quicksilver justice.

Even the fact that X-Men: Days of Future Past turned out to be a great movie and Quicksilver was one of the best parts of it did not quell the Internet’s thirst to see Fox’s Marvel licenses returned to Marvel. Every time someone associated with the Fantastic Four reboot opens their mouth, there are dozens of headlines reporting fans screaming out in bloody outrage.

The simple fact of the matter is that fans want to see all the Marvel characters interact in the same cinematic universe, and they know that probably isn’t going to happen unless Marvel Studios gets all the licenses back. Fox is fighting an uphill battle against negative publicity every time they announce a Marvel project.

However, over the weekend, the best thing that could possibly ever happen to Fox in regards to their Marvel properties happened. Someone leaked the test footage from an unmade Deadpool movie, and it was phenomenally good. All of a sudden the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Avengers: Age of Ultron footage from earlier in the weekend was a distant memory, and the Deadpool movie by accident stole the buzz that Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios had worked so hard to build.

So how has Fox reacted to the leaked footage? They’ve been making their best efforts to get the Deadpool footage completely pulled from the Internet. But despite their efforts, the footage just keeps popping up. The Internet will not let go of the Deadpool movie footage. The Internet is literally demanding that the movie be made.

Perhaps, Fox should take a deep breath and really think about what the Internet is telling them. For the first time ever, the entire Internet fan community seems to be genuinely excited about the prospect of Fox making another movie involving Marvel characters. A movie that, let’s be honest, Disney-owned Marvel Studios would probably never, ever consider making in the way that it needs to be done.

Instead of trying to eradicate the Deadpool footage from the Internet, maybe Fox should be releasing an official copy of the footage, along with a note that says, “If you ever want to see a R-Rated Deadpool movie, then shut the f-up about Disney/Marvel getting their licenses back.”

Fox has the answer to actually getting the fan community behind them on a Marvel project. They just need to wake up and realize it. Fox needs to stop fighting the Internet and needs to give the Internet what it wants. FOX NEEDS TO MAKE THE DEADPOOL MOVIE NOW!