Guardians Of The Galaxy Had Highest Percentage Of Female Viewers Of Any Marvel Studios Movie

The biggest opening weekend ever in August at the U.S. box office wasn’t the only record that James Gunn’s phenomenal Guardians of the Galaxy broke this weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, Guardians of the Galaxy set a new record for percentage of female viewers for a Marvel Studios film.

Based on exit polling, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s audience consisted of 44 percent female viewers, which is the biggest share ever among Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The previous record holder was The Avengers, which drew in 40 percent female viewers.

It’s a huge win for Marvel Studios and shows that the appeal of their films isn't limited to just male viewers, which typically are rumored to make up the majority of audiences for superhero and sci-fi films. With the growing female audience, hopefully it will also help in pushing forward a solo superhero movie with a female lead.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 28, 2017.

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    • aKimmbo
    • 43 Posts in 31 Months

    As a female it's encouraging to see them putting more females in lead roles kicking butt. Avengers just had Black Widow, but here you have Gamora and Nebula and they were both awesome.

    • DSniner
    • 1240 Posts in 31 Months

    This sound great.I'm glad women are loving these types of movies as much as men.Attracting more female viewers will only make these types of movies guaranteed box office hits and help keep the comic book community healthy and strong.

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