AMC Leaves Daryl Out Of The Walking Dead Season 5 Picture, While Norman Reedus Listens To Sad Songs And Thanks Fans

With The Walking Dead Season 5 set to premiere in just a couple months, it’s that time of the year when AMC toys with fans to make them think Daryl Dixon might be getting killed off. On Thursday, AMC posted a photo of the gang that was locked up in the train car at Terminus with one notable character missing. Yes, the gang’s all there, except for Daryl Dixon.

Of course, the most popular response to this photo has been a question asking, “Where is Daryl?” An earlier shot of the Season 5 cast had shown Daryl sitting on the ground in front of Rosita. Did Daryl just get tired of sitting on the ground and wander off? Or did the residents of Terminus have him for dinner?

Shortly before AMC’s drama-inspiring photo, Norman Reedus revealed on Twitter that he has been listening to sad music, and he also thanked fans for their support. Reedus recently posted a link to Drowning Man - Remastered by U2 along with a note that said, “Today's set song. Bring on the Kleenex.”

Reedus also added, “Just wanted to say thank you for all the nice people that are waiting outside of set when we get off work . Thank you guys for all the love.”

All this of course has been leading to lots of online chatter that Daryl might not be making it to the end of Season 5. Will there be a riot? Will Reedus burn his trailer?