The "Wonder Woman predating everything else" thing may have stemmed from the fact that there's been a Wonder Woman movie percolating on the backburner since, I believe, the late 80's. She was part of The Trinity (ie: masthead properties), and both Bats and Supes had done well at the box office, so the curiosity has been there for a long time, almost immediately shot down, time and again, by the studio because they lamely said they couldn't figure out a way to sell her (which is why MarvelCU and DC's animation wing have been so much more successful, on the average, than Warner Bros superhero efforts - Marvel set up their own cinematic division that acts as a QC for any properties going out to other studios, and the DC Animated Division is straight to video/cartoon network material that Warner doesn't really pay attention to, so it can unabashedly wallow in real comic book goodness. DC Nation was a great concept - interstital short cartoons during breaks in the actual cartoons, where they played with styles and concepts they likely would never get clearance for as a series. The spot-on 80's Vibe cartoon where he competes in a breakdance contest. SBFF - Super Best Friends Forever - Batgirl, Supergirl, and the Donna Troy Wondergirl - the best installment being them begging Solomon Grundy to stay and fight, and he keeps trying to walk away because "Grundy no fight girls!" Batman of Shangai was a great 2 parter featuring Bats, Catwoman, and Bane in a sort of old and new Shanghai, and the 3 of them designed to fit into the style. Then there's the entire series of Batman Brave and the Bold, which Batmite (voiced by Paul Rubens) describes in a 4th wall breaking monologue in the final episode as "a love letter to the silver age".