Actually, Warner Bros. Registered Their Wonder Woman, Shazam And Aquaman Movie URLs Years Ago

The internet has a lot to learn about how the internet works. For just one good example, and one that's right in our wheelhouse, see the spate of recent reports about Warner Bros. registering URLs that relate to Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam movies. There have been loads of these stories over the last few days - or, perhaps more accurately, lots of repeated, reheated, rewarmed versions of this one story.

But it's not actually a true story.

Let's look at, for example. That's a genuine URL that, for now, feeds straight to Warner Bros.' homepage. Reports say that it was recently booked, and this is being taken as an indicator of some kind of imminent announcement.

Except Warner Bros. have had that domain under the hat for a long time now. They last put a flag in it on November 27th last year. There's no reason for it to be news today.

Similarly, was originally registered in 2000; was also purchased that very year; and came to Warner Bros.' control in 1999. That's in the last millennium.

So what have we learned from the recent repostings? That a lot of folk will repeat the same rumour around and around the internet without checking its validity. Even the lesson is a played-out rerun.

And, sort of, maybe, we also learned that if you squint, it looks just a little like Warner Bros. fancy Wonder Woman's chances just a tiny bit more than they do those of Aquaman and Shazam, if only because they took care to book her a movie-related URL around a year earlier.

That's me stretching. There's nothing here. Move along.

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    • theSarge
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    The "Wonder Woman predating everything else" thing may have stemmed from the fact that there's been a Wonder Woman movie percolating on the backburner since, I believe, the late 80's. She was part of The Trinity (ie: masthead properties), and both Bats and Supes had done well at the box office, so the curiosity has been there for a long time, almost immediately shot down, time and again, by the studio because they lamely said they couldn't figure out a way to sell her (which is why MarvelCU and DC's animation wing have been so much more successful, on the average, than Warner Bros superhero efforts - Marvel set up their own cinematic division that acts as a QC for any properties going out to other studios, and the DC Animated Division is straight to video/cartoon network material that Warner doesn't really pay attention to, so it can unabashedly wallow in real comic book goodness. DC Nation was a great concept - interstital short cartoons during breaks in the actual cartoons, where they played with styles and concepts they likely would never get clearance for as a series. The spot-on 80's Vibe cartoon where he competes in a breakdance contest. SBFF - Super Best Friends Forever - Batgirl, Supergirl, and the Donna Troy Wondergirl - the best installment being them begging Solomon Grundy to stay and fight, and he keeps trying to walk away because "Grundy no fight girls!" Batman of Shangai was a great 2 parter featuring Bats, Catwoman, and Bane in a sort of old and new Shanghai, and the 3 of them designed to fit into the style. Then there's the entire series of Batman Brave and the Bold, which Batmite (voiced by Paul Rubens) describes in a 4th wall breaking monologue in the final episode as "a love letter to the silver age".

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