Arrow Executive Producer Seemingly Confirms Laurel As Black Canary

Assuming Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is being quoted properly, a new interview at TVLine has him confirming everyone's long-standing suspicions that Laurel Lance will indeed become the new Canary.

Here's what TVLine took away from their interview with Guggenheim. Bear in mind this is not a direct quote, so we could always get some equivocation from the writers and producers down the line here, but since TVLine routinely is one of the sites that breaks Arrow news, there's also no reason to believe they don't understand what Guggenheim is saying when he speaks [emphasis ours]:

Episode 3 will focus on dad-to-be Diggle, Episode 5 delves into Felicity's past (with NYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross as her mom), viewers will get to sit in on the limo convo between Malcolm and daughter Thea, and Ted “Wildcat” Grant (played by J.R. Ramirez as a Latino boxing instructor) will play a role in Laurel's evolution into Canary.

The Canary revelation, really, isn't surprising. Nobody involved with the show has done much to distance themselves from the overall impression that's where Katie Cassidy's character was heading. Nevertheless, this seems the first confirmation that she'll take up the mantle that her character does in the comics...and probably raises some broader questions about what that means for Laurel's sister Sara, the previous Canary who has ties to season-long big bad Ra's al Ghul.

There's been a lot of speculation that Sara might die, especially since there's an episode coming up titled "Sara" and had been earlier comments that she "looms large" over one of the episodes.

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    • Betti
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    Meh Sara is annoying anyway. shes supposidly this amazing killer. yet parctically every fight she gets hurt.. that or the show just wants Oliver to look better than her. If shes supposed to be bad ass. make her bad ass always. not part time. 

  1. Lets hope they at least make something decent with the character's development because so far, its been 2 seasons and Laurel is still a horrible character. 

  2. I won't disagree with some of what you said about Sara, she changed a lot from being the black canary you saw in eposides like 2x4 & 2x5, but Laurel is 10x worse. She's spent two seasons so weak & whiney.

  3. @Anonymous I agree. What kind of grown-up develops PTSD/drug and alcohol addiction just because she gets kidnapped or has her life threatened on numerous occasions, all after her boyfriend returns after five years, during which she thought he died in a boating accident with her younger sister, who her boyfriend was cheating on her with and also later returned after being presumed dead, not too long after her most recent ex-boyfriend died in a horrible accident while trying to save her life? Chicks, man. 

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