The Rock Confirms Black Adam Role, The "Antihero" in Shazam

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has seemingly confirmed via Twitter that he will play Shazam villain Black Adam -- but there's a twist.

In a message that shares comic book art of the dark wizard and dictator, Johnson referred to Black Adam as an "antihero," suggesting that perhaps he won't be the sole or primary antagonist of the film, and that he may have a more complex psychology, echoing more recent iterations of the character as written by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns

Johnson had been attached to the role of Black Adam in a previous iteration of the Shazam movie, as well as to a Lobo film, over the years. Not long ago, rumors started to circulate that he and Warner Bros. were in serious talks to give him a role in their fledgling cinematic universe, and last month he revealed that he would play either Shazam or Black Adam in a Shazam film.

Adam, who derives his powers from the same source as Shazam does, is also the ruler of a small, Middle Eastern nation called Khandaq. Khandaq will appear in upcoming issues of the Arrow Season 2.5 comic book series as well as being referenced in an upcoming episode of The Flash on The CW. The nation has been referenced in previous episodes of Arrow, including the one that introduced the Suicide Squad. DC's TV series, though, do not happen in the same universe as their feature films.

While Warner Bros. have yet to officially confirm production, Shazam is widely expected to be one of the studio's 2016 or 2017 theatrical releases.

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    • Stevie
    • 221 Posts in 31 Months

    Let the speculation of who plays Captain Marvel begin.. 

     So we are going to assume this is coming out July 2016?

  1. I was hoping he would be Shazam, but I am fine with this too.

  2. Sweet!

  3. Shazam* he isn't Captain Marvel anymore. I think's suggestion of John Cena would work.

    • Stevie
    • 221 Posts in 31 Months

    He was the first superhero every on film, a golden age classic for more than 70 years. The King of Rock N Roll was a fan. He is and will always be the one and only Captain Marvel. Captain Mar Vell was a cheap legal snaking to capitalize on marketing.

     John Cena and the Rock in one film will just turn this into The Expendables in the eyes of the general public. I wouldn't mind Patrick Warburton, he could easily pull off the childs mind in an adult body. 

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