'The Flash': "Mixed Signals" Preview Reveals New Suit Upgrades

(Photo: The CW)

The Flash returned for its fourth season tonight and brought Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with it.

Now that the Scarlet Speedster is out of the Speed Force and back in Central City he's going to need some new tools to deal with villains and as you can see from the preview for next week's episode "Mixed Signals" those new tools include some serious suit upgrades.

As Cisco mentioned in the season premiere while Barry was trapped in the Speed Force he made the Flash an all new suit with some pretty fancy new tech. How fancy? Well, they're so extensive Cisco made Barry an instruction manual. Check it out in the video below.

In the preview it looks like the suit has some very interesting and inflatable new tricks and based on the episode's description Barry might just want to check that manual out before heading out to protect Central City. The episode will see Team Flash face off against Ramsey Deacon (Dominic Burgess), a metahuman who can control technology.

The Flash will air "Mixed Signals" on Tuesday, October 17th at 8/7c on The CW.