Bras and Insomnia - New Dating Simulator From Wacoal Getting to the Breast of the Issue

It's the age of dating simulator games and it seems that with each new one released, the premises get stranger and stranger. In the world of Dream Daddies and Cat Dating simulators, a Japanese lingerie company is screaming, "hold my beer!"

Wacoal is an incredibly popular Japanese lingerie company, so it's to be expected that when they release their own version of a dating sim - it has to do with bras. In the newest adventure in simulation, the player assumes the role of a woman cursed with insomnia. What could possibly be the source? Her gigantic breasts, naturally! Though ... as a woman ... point taken.

The new title is called Karemin and it brings the character into a journey of curing her insufferable sleeping ailment. In her quest for recovery, she meets 5 (predictably handsome; godly, even) men. This isn't going where you think it is, promise.

As she discusses her inability to fall asleep, all 5 sleep instructors give her tips and tricks on how to accomplish this difficult task. When realising her issue could be her own naturally made pillows, the team decides to embark on the hunt for the perfect bra to help ease physical discomfort and hopefully make sleep come easier. The bra of course is found and sold by Wacoal. Plot twist!

Karemin is currently available in the Google Play and iTunes stores, though the full game is in its original game script.