What Happened To Maggie On The Walking Dead

WARNING: Major Spoilers For The Walking Dead Season Seven!

If you're freaking out about Maggie's fate during The Walking Dead's latest episode, 'Service', you're not alone. Father Gabriel has scared over half the Internet, not just Negan.

When Negan was asking to see Maggie, Rick is scared to answer. He obviously doesn't want to bring up Maggie's current situation so she can stay safe. Just as Negan persists, Father Gabriel shows up and scares him.

The priest asks Negan if he'd like to pay his respect, and then takes the villain to a freshly-dug grave. He hints that this is Maggie's grave, and Rick plays along.

Does this mean Maggie is really dead?

No, it doesn't. This just seems like a clever trick played by Gabriel, in order to keep some information from Negan. At the end of last season, Gabriel had gone all-in on following Rick. Most of what his character does now is to impress the leader, and follow in his footsteps.

This trick was clever, and Gabriel gets major points for thinking on the fly. Had Negan actually known where Maggie was located, he would have taken her, and Glenn's unborn baby, back to Sanctuary with him


So, where is Maggie?

If you remember, Sasha said she was taking Maggie with her at the end of the season seven premiere. No, they weren't going to Sanctuary.

The only friendly doctor left to treat Maggie lives in Hilltop, and that's where Abraham was trying to take her before Negan stopped them. Finishing Abraham's mission, Sasha waas going to deliver Maggie to safety.

Don't worry, Maggie is still alive and well. Next week's episode features Hilltop, so she will most likely appear Next Sunday.