The Walking Dead: Did Rick Kill The Men Of Oceanside?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season seven!

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, audiences were introduced to the Oceanside community. Tara discovered the hidden colony by the sea as the episode began, and she began to unlock their secrets as the episode went along.

It turns out Oceanside had much more in common with Alexandria and Hilltop than anyone had initially thought. They had no men in their colony, and Tara learned that every boy over the age of ten had been killed by Negan. After that, the women fled to the ocean.

Think about Negan's philosophy for a minute -- work for me, or I'll kill you. It's pretty simple. Sure, the villain may have made a point by killing all of the men after they tried to fight him back, but that doesn't seem like his style. Negan could have used those men for much more, he wouldn't have killed every single one.

Negan probably killed a few, but what if Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and the rest of the crew finished off the job?

Think about it -- Negan takes his victims and tries to break them, before turning them into his soldiers. This is being seen currently by Daryl's storyline at Sanctuary, as Dwight is using various torture tactics to turn Daryl on his own people. One of these tactics, the one fans found most disturbing, was the choice to put a picture of Glenn's dead body in Daryl's room.

Back at the satellite station, when Rick and the others were killing the Saviors in their sleep, Glenn and Heath came upon a wall full of these picures. In a pretty bare room, two men slept on small beds. On the wall next to one were numerous pictures of dead bodies, with heads splattered across the ground.

If Negan killed these men, which we can only assume is true, why would this random guy keep the victims pictures on his wall like a trophy? The Saviors are kind of messed up, but one of them have exhibited this kind of behavior. And why would only one man be keeping all of those pictures to himself?

Maybe, it's because they aren't trophies at all. That man was part of Oceanside's people, and those pictures were a reminder.

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(Photo: AMC)

It's likely that Negan took some of those men and turned them into soldiers, and that would have hurt the women of Oceanside even more. If this was the case, he would have used the photos of the rest of the colony's men -- the ones that he slaughtered -- to keep these men in line.

In the episode, Beatrice states that all of the men in her community were executed -- and there'sno denying the truth in that. However, it's completely foolish to believe not one of those men chose to work for Negan instead.

There may have only been two men from Oceanside in the outpost, but Rick is responsible for their deaths. If this information was ever brought to Natania's attention, the chances of Alexandria and Oceanside working together would be less than slim.