Jeffrey Dean Morgan Confirms Negan For The Walking Dead Season 8

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    • GWF1987
    • 86 Posts in 4 Months

    Well that sucks.

    Another season of Negan talking like a 12 year old who thinks cussing makes you sound cool and another season of Rick's group crying as Negan takes stuff and makes threats.

    • CB180907
    • 1 Posts in 1 Month

    So don't watch it. No one's twisting your arm.

    • CB180966
    • 1 Posts in 1 Month

    I agree. Been watching since day 1 and this guy is really turning me off.  No wonder the ratings are down, they need to get rid of him.  

    • SaucZ
    • 1 Posts in 1 Month

    I agree. Maybe they will "do him in" in the season opening of can only hope!

    • gravesdd
    • 2 Posts in 3 Months

    hoping that his time on season 8 is short...very short...

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